Austin-area teacher under investigation for anti-vax, explicit tweets

Officials are investigating after the teacher allegedly bashed COVID-19 vaccination and profane insults online.

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Officials are investigating the teacher after he bashed COVID-19 vaccination and made sexual insults online.

Officials are investigating the teacher after he bashed COVID-19 vaccination and made sexual insults online.

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Manor ISD officials are investigating a district teacher over anti-vaccination and explicit tweets allegedly posted to his Twitter account. The district, located just northeast of Austin, announced the probe on Monday. 

"Manor ISD officials became aware of now deleted tweets from a Manor ISD teacher that does not align with our Code of Ethics and the culture of our district," officials wrote in the tweet. "This matter is being investigated. We want to thank the public for bringing the tweets to our attention," the tweet continued.   

The investigation follows a public outcry over tweets posted by an unnamed teacher which have since been deleted. The wiped missives included explicit messages and tirades against COVID-19 vaccination.

In one tweet, the teacher accused a famous actor of pedophilia using graphic and specific descriptions. In another, posted as a comment below a White House tweet promoting vaccine boosters, he wrote that "the vaccines do not prevent spread," and that "You are making our entire society a gaggle of paranoid lunatics just so you can attempt to maintain power."

In a separate tweet, the teacher wrote in reference to the U.S. Chief Medical Advisor Anthony Fauci, stating "It's time to JAIL FAUCI and seize ALL of his assets," and "his family needs to be penniless and living in an empty refrigerator crate under a highway overpass." 

The screenshots show at least one other sexually explicit insult posted as a comment on another user's tweet.  

Manor ISD did not immediately respond to a request for comment or questions about Byron's current employment status with the district. In emailed remarks given to KXAN in Austin, a district representative stated "The matter is being investigated. The district is not providing any additional details at this time."    

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